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In any publicity based promotion program there are a number of reasons why a client may want to buy advertising space, chief among them the need to put a specific message into a specific publication at a specific time. We also firmly believe companies, when well established and profitable, have an obligation to contribute to the support of the trade and professional journals that provide news and technical reporting for their trade or professional discipline. As most of these magazines are free (to a controlled and audited circulation) advertisers are their only source of support.


Sometimes there are message requirements which fall outside the news format demanded by publicity.

But typically, ads are necessary after publicity has milked the bulk of the potential industrial trade press coverage and the marketing need continues as it usually does. Smart marketing programs are ongoing – without interruption.

This case also exists when the client does not have a broad family line of products to provide subjects for a string of releases to generate inquiries from the heart of the market. When the string exists, a client responding to a publicity-generated inquiry for a specific product “A” with literature on the entire family line gets information on products “B” and “C” into the hands of the potential buying market. And again and again, when inquiries are generated by publicity on products “B” and “C”. Publicity and ads have the equal task of generating interest (inquiries). Literature indicates to the prospect that problem solving is possible. Sales solves the problem and picks up the check.

Advertising may also be necessary when a specific publication seems disinclined to accept opportunities to print news of the client’s products. In this imperfect world, a few editors, something approaching 20% of the trade magazine universe, equate advertising dollar expenditures with friendship and friendship with news value. If such an editor is sitting in the catbird seat central to a client’s market, an infrequent circumstance, the ad may be necessary.

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Are we more likely to get free editorial mention if we are a big advertiser?

No! In a first rate publication, there is absolutely no connection between editorial staff and advertising sales. In fact the editors of first class publications would not tolerate pressure to favor major advertising accounts. Never believe advertising space sales people who try to lead you to believe they possess heavy editorial influence. Either they are misleading you, or they do not work for a significant publication, in which case it doesn’t matter whether your news is printed by them. We are fortunate indeed to live in a country where exists a strong tradition of editorial/journalistic independence.


Just one trip to the well?

Absolutely not! The best situation exists when you have a string of products we can introduce rather than just one product. They don’t all have to be brand new inventions-perhaps improved or new to a national audience. Growth organizations are continually unveiling new and upgraded products and services. If you only have one product at present, national publicity will jump start your sales efforts. A few months later you would be wise to consider having us conduct a ‘new literature available’ release concerning the previously introduced product. These generate lots of reader inquiries and give you a second chance at national exposure with the same item.

How long does the entire process take and when may we expect sales leads?

You will receive a first copydraft of release and list of proposed editorial submissions in about 2 weeks. These are sent to you by e-mail, attached file, fax or postal mail, for your review, approval, approval as noted, or other comments,etc. After we are in mutual agreement, will proceed with your campaign. Normally it takes 3-4 months (possibly longer) for first published appearances and an additional 2 weeks to 1 month before you will receive leads/reader inquiries from the magazines. A news release can continue to show up in print a year or more after the first release date, as some publications save them for future issues highlighting special subjects.

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How else could you find the best outside sales representatives?

A good way to locate the right sales representation for your product is to simply ask some of your existing customers to recommend where they buy or would like to buy products such as yours? If you do not have any customers in a specific geographic area, you can call potential customers you would like to have, describe your product and ask their opinion/recommendation. Asking for advice is a sincere form of flattery and you will find many people eager to help you in response. You might even emerge from the mission with a few new customers as well as being placed on the trail of some good new representatives.


We should first comment that there are as many different definitions of the following terms as there are interested business parties to establish the relationships involved. We simply want to define the most commonly accepted interpretations.

Outside sales people with the designation as ‘agent’ generally are empowered with the highest degree of authority to represent the manufacturer, second only to management level employees of the manufacturing company. They are independent business people, who usually receive their compensation as a percentage of sales in a defined geographic area. They normally do not invoice customers and do not take possession/own the goods being sold. Agents and representatives often serve as ‘regional managers’ for a manufacturer. Agencies vary in size from one person operations to large staffs with multiple offices. Some agencies specialize in direct sales to end user accounts while others are structured to service and manage dealer or distributor sales levels.


Combined Product Publicity & Sales Representative Recruitment Program

As a part of distributor or rep. recruitment service, will prepare all essential questionnaires, territorial documentation and contractual agreement forms. Leads produced from product promotional activities will either be referred to client corporate office or to specified reps. for disposition or fulfillment. Some client companies choose to use as their return address for inquiry reception. For a nominal additional fee,($2.50 per lead/inquiry) will maintain an inventory of client literature and handle 1st stage inquiry response. A part of that response is to forward manufacturer’s literature and then submit inquiry to the responsible territorial representative or to the manufacturer’s corporate office for second stage follow-up. products also attract the more alert representatives that keep up with current happenings in their industry.

An program may be exactly tailored to suit your company needs and resources. It could range all the way from simple publicity to product warehouse arrangements, finding a U.S. attorney and accountants for subsidiary establishment, etc. – even locating real estate and U.S. personnel search assistance. He can be an invaluable resource for you in your North American launch efforts.

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Who reads them?

We recognize the difficulty and high cost for a medium sized offshore or overseas company to launch a new product in the U.S. & Canadian marketplaces. For this reason we decided to develop and offer a package plan of our professional marketing services. For one (1) reasonable fee of $30,000.00 US, we will conduct a target search for six(6) distributor or manufacturer’s representative firms and conduct a thorough monthly editorial publicity (new product news release) campaign (for one year = 12 release packages) to the appropriate American and Canadian trade press outlets. Print media to receive news concerning a specific product is carefully selected from a massive data base (approx.14,000 publications), computer maintained for timeliness, pertinence and accuracy. The fee is allocated as $18,000.00 for rep. recruitment and $12,000.00 for product promotion. The fee of $18,000.00 is payable in 1/3 installments as follows:


$6,000.00 is due in advance with client purchase order.

The second $1,000.00 per rep. firm will be invoiced and is immediately due, as each individual distributor or rep. firms sign a territorial agreement. The third $1,000.00 payment is due and immediately payable as each distributor or rep. firm makes their first sale for the client manufacturer or within six(6) months of making a signed agreement to rep. the client company. Any rep. firm signed by to rep. status with the client company who goes over a six(6) month trial period without a sale will be replaced without additional charge upon your written request. The publicity portion of package fee ($12,000.00), will be invoiced in monthly installments of $1,000 per month for twelve(12) equal increments.